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Flowbis blends old school funk with modern rock in a way that comes off original and fresh…” – The Beach Reporter, South Bay Circulation 2008

Not to be mistaken with the noise making football, the funk group Flowbis throws further and harder than any other band in the South Bay Los Angeles…” – L.A. Weekly, Circulation 2009.

At the start of their show at Patrick Malloys in Hermosa Beach, they had the crowd pulsing and dancing to their funk grooves, and at the end there was a crowd of 60 plus rowdy party goers screaming 1 more song until the last man had put away his instrument…” Shadowband Magazine, Circulation 2009

I went out to see Flowbis play with the expectation of watching a cheesy funk rehash, but instead was blown away by their solid grooves and vocal ability.  The finishing touch was when they covered “Stone Cold Bush” off the Red Hott Chili Peppers album, “Mother’s Milk,” and in this humble reviewers opinion, may have done it better than the Red Hotts themselves…” – Music Connection, Circulation 2009.

How do you combine Tower of Power and Funkadelic with Rage Against the Machine?  You ask Flowbis to play and the next thing you know you’ve got a raging combination of all three styles packed into one powerhouse band.  A must see…” – O.C. Weekly, Circulation 2009

I went to see a band called Flowbis perform at St. Rocke in Hermosa Beach, much later than I would have liked and expecting to hear crickets in between songs being that the hour was after midnight.  However, what I witnessed instead was a large crowd who had stayed in the bar all night just to catch a peek at a local South Bay Los Angeles favorite…” —  LA Times Review, Circulation 2010